Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ok, this is it!!

Chris laughs every time I say this because I say it every Sunday. I always say that I'm going to accomplish tons this week. I'm going to continue my weight loss efforts by exercising everyday, by really taking time with each of my girls to teach them something new everyday, organizing one drawer in my house every day, I want to strictly follow my beauty regiment every night, read my scriptures and so on. But I don't and every Sunday I throw my hands up in the air and "OK This is it!" Chris usually asks, "What?" and I go on telling him that I'm going to be new woman and I'm going to lose the rest of weight, and I'm going to keep my house clean, and my children are going to poster children for the Friend. I realize I can't possibly accomplish all that in a week, but I should be able to do at least one, right? Nope. Nothing.
This morning, I said it again...."Ok This is it!" Chris didn't respond this time. I'm sure he knows I'm going to go ahead and start listing my goals off anyways....and I did. I'm going to take it slow, but I do want to start doing some form of physical activity other than chasing after Reagan. I have been on a "diet" for the past.........eight years? I weighed 112 pounds when I got married none years ago. I don't weigh that anymore. Before I had Ryan, I thought I was so fat, I became very depressed. I had to take embarassing. Yeah.... and now I weigh twenty pounds more than I did when I was depressed and I have already lost twenty pounds. So its a good thing it doesn't bother me like it did then. Maybe I shouldn't lose those twenty pounds, because I'd hate to be depressed again!
So this week, I'm doing something different. I'm saying "OK This is it!", but on my blog so that I have all of you to help me stay on task. I will keep you updated with my journey. Wish me luck!


Gabriela Hull said...

Edna! You are so great. I say "This is it" so many times,too. You have great goals and I know you can accomplish them. On a side note, my dad just gave me my Soda Can Wind Spinner,too. Except he hung it in the front of our house! Gotta love Foothills art.

Becca and fam said...

Hey I say the SAME things to Phil every week too. I feel validated knowing I'm not the only one. Good luck with all your goals, although I think you're pretty great the way you are :)

Lonna said...

Edna, why don't you stop worrying about it and just live! you'll be happier and healthier.
Well, it sounds good, right?

Tia said...

This is so great honestly I love it! And so dang true, why can't we just do it all!!