Thursday, May 14, 2009

No time.....

That's my excuse for not updating my blog. yet.....I have had time to read other peoples blogs.....and facebook......and keep up with my favorite shows.......and go to the movies......and sleep. But no time to clean, study, and blog. Sorry. I also feel like I'm suffering a bit of writer's block. I feel there is nothing exciting going on. Just working everyday and it's been great. (Thanks to all you who have checked out the Treehouse! Happy to report its doing well and we're getting busier and busier!)

My camera also broke and I haven't had time to even shop for a new one, so as soon as that happens I will post some new pictures and get back to blogging....i mean...."journal" our life. In the meantime.....anyone want to help me clean, study, and blog?