Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Do you ever get the feeling someone is watching you? I woke up to this.....

This is the view from my side of my bed.
Aaahhhh....I knew it was going to be good day.

Time to go shopping...I think....

Well, starting a business takes up A LOT of time! I'm loving it though and girls are having a great time playing with Nile and Sahara everyday. I'm glad they get along well. Reagan, though, can get very snatchy and most of time doesn't want to share....we're working on that.

But I realized something horrible yesterday......we ate out every single meal last week because I could not find time to go to the grocery store! Pretty sad, huh. No wonder my stomach's been screwed up and I gained two pounds! So I planned out my meals for a week and made a list and went to Walmart. It was a lot of money.....but I feel better that I actually have food in my fridge.
As you can see from the picture above....pretty bare. No milk or juice (just ran out of that before I went shopping and I know it looks like a bottle of wine, but it's sparkling red grape's good.) So I'm going to try and be like Renelle. She has dinner on the table every day by 5:30!!! I usually don't do that because Chris cooks every day. He likes to cook so....he cooks...I clean. I'm very happy with that arrangement but I will try.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Happening!

It's Happening!!!! I have just put in my weeks notice at work. I can't believe it! It doesn't seem real to me yet. August 30th will be my last day. After nine's happening. I'm happy and....scared. My job has been my security blanket for so long, but I'm looking forward to the future.

And now the reason why I'm leaving. I am starting a business. Specifically a child care center. Our logo above. The Treehouse Kids Club. It's a short term hourly childcare center in Yuma. We're hopefully opening by the end of September. The idea hit me a year and a half ago when I needed to go bra shopping and there is no way that I could do that with the girls with me. I realized that it would be so nice to have a place to leave that girls to get my errands done without having to take them out in the heat during the summer or do my grocery shopping without having to crush one of my girls in the back of cart with all the food or go to a doctor's appointment without bothering my family for babysitting. We're also going to be opened nights and weekends for going to the movies or out to dinner. Anyway....check our website:
And a HUGE thanks to Renelle and Israel Leinbach who partnered up with us to get this done. If it wasn't' for her, I KNOW I would still just be talking about it. Renelle is completely fearless and very organized, which is my exact opposite, so I am very grateful for her great ideas and everything she's does. So I'm glad to be quitting my job so that I can put in more than I have been. Thanks Renelle and Israel!!!
We also need employees soon!! Let me know if you're interested or know someone who would like to work. Send us an email through the contact link.
Also let us know about any concerns you would have on dropping off your child at a place like this just make sure we address those too!
We'll having a big registration party so look out for announcements!

I'm done!!!!

I finished Breaking Dawn two nights ago at 2 am. I had to stay up and finish because I couldn't take one more day of being distracted and trying to squeeze in reading whenever possible. I enjoyed all the books very much and I was happy with the ending. Now....back to real life.....aaawww man! I miss Edward already!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This was how I found her.....

I swear I didn't tie her arms behind her back and knock her out to take a nap!!! I found her this way one afternoon. Drum roll please.....we have broken Reagan from her binky!!!! Breaking her of it was my greatest fear, so I was in no hurry to do it and it didn't bother me that she had it. It bothered me that Ryan wanted to always steal it a four year old with a binky in her mouth is not right...I think. But I was scared because Reagan is very stubborn and will NOT stop crying until she gets her way. I can remember countless nights when she would wake up crying and and I would think, "just let her cry it out....she'll go back to sleep." But I would doze off and on for an HOUR and she would still be crying. So I was not looking forward to when we would break her of it. We forgot all her binkies at school, so we told to go to sleep because we left them there.....and she did....and she did not cry. She still will ask for it when she's sad and crying about something, but I just tell her we left them at school. So, once again.....I think I was more attached to it that she was.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can anyone guess.......

why I've had a sudden urge to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire???

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I planned it that way!!

I am not a huge reader. It takes me about a month or so to finish a book usually. I can't justify sitting down with a book, because, One, I don't have time to sit down and read, and, two, I feel like I have many other projects that I should complete or begin before I do something like read. All through high school, I never finished any of the required reading assignments, other than "Black Elk Speaks" (I don't know why, but I found that book fascinating.) When everyone was talking about the Harry Potter books....I just didn't get into reading them....I just watched the movies. But after I watched the Goblet of Fire, I read The order of the Phoenix, Half Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows. I was so glad I did. The movies made so much more sense. I have yet to go back and read the first four day, I hope.
And now everyone is talking about the "twilight" books by Stephanie Meyer. I was interested in reading them, but again.....can't justify the time it takes to read a book. I'm really busy right now with Work, Young Womens, starting a business, housework, and yes, two kids!!! I knew the fourth and final book came out this past weekend, so that last I went to Target, I picked up the first book, which they are now making a movie.
OK....I was wrong.....I should make time to read!!!! I cannot put it down!! I am a slow reader so I'm not done fact writing this blog is taking away precious reading time to see how this story unfolds.
This morning I informed Chris that I bought him his favorite kind of cereal and that I promised that I would not have a single bowl.....(this is because he complained that I finish all the cereal before he gets a bowl......hey "snooze, you lose"....not my fault.) He looked at me with a surprised face...."No way you can't do it!", he says. and I said...."If Edward can resist drinking the blood of the women he loves......surely I can not eat your cereal." It brought a tear to my eye....(I think it was allergies.) His eye....rolled. Ok.
So I think I have it made. I can read through all four novels without having to wait impatiently for a book release. The only sleep I'll be missing is from laying in bed reading, rather than waiting in line for a midnight release. I am a genius.
PS....Anyone care to let me borrow the second and third and fourth book?