Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Secret Crushes!

Well it's not so secret, because I tell Chris all the time....."I have a secret crush on him." "Him" meaning my new favorite actor or actors. Right now I have quite a few. I realized this is also another part of "How I know I'm getting older." My taste in men has shifted. I recently watched "Ironman" and I had a very nice dream about Robert Downey, Jr. that night. We saw Indiana Jones on Thursday and man....Harrison Ford looks great....for 60....but does that matter? I don't care. Let's see....who else. OH! Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild) Hunk!, Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) Yummy!, and my ultimate crush....Hugh Laurie (House). Why??? I don't know....maybe because they're stable...have a life plan....good at Ross on Tuesdays? Not that my husband lacks these qualities. He's stable, life discount, But very handsome. One time Chris wore jeans, a t-shirt, with a black blazer, and tennis shoes....I told him...." I don't know why, but you look very sexy in that." He responded, "Because I'm dressed like House." He was right (see above)!!!! He was even limping because he hurt his ankle.

But anyway...all of these men are over 40 and they say 40 is the new 30, so....they're only a couple years older than me. So it's ok. And besides....have you seen the little boys girls are swooning over these days??? Come on.....The Jonas Brothers (someone HAS to do SOMETHING about their eyebrows!!!) and Zac Efron (High School Musical)......ok he's a little cute. David Archuleta (American Idol).....I find him a "I want to be your mom" kind of know....take him to the splash park, feed him lunchables with campbell soup and a gogurt, then put him to bed the way my girls put everything to sleep. See my "Put to Sleep" post. .....little boys nonetheless.

Don't worry....Jake still have a special place in my heart.


T is for Thompson said...

I totally agree with BEAR GRYLLS!! That guy is such a babe! Next time you're in town, you must meet my neighbor. He is totally Bear Grylls extra hot twin. I seriously loose my voice every time I see him. It's like I'm 12 and I'm trying to talk to the really hot captain of the football team. So silly! But when you see him, you'll understand. Wow.

T is for Thompson said...

Ok that should say, "Bear Grylls' extra hot twin."

Amber said...

Oh I heart Robert Downey Jr. Always have, well at least since Chances Are. If you haven't seen that or if it has been a few years since you have watched it, might I suggest you go back and watch it again. Right before the credits roll he looks into the camera and does this little half-smile. My sisters and I used to rewind the ol' VHS over and over and over to see him smile again. Keep in mind we were like 10, but I would probably do it now too :)

Jana said...

Is the House crush, because he is british? I got the giggles on the episode where he was making late night calls and pretended to have a british accent. Something about the accents and less then perfect teeth. How about Gerry Butler, could he be a better phantom? My hubby thinks I am crazy. I always ask him who he thinks are attractive actresses. I think it is just to make me feel better for crushing on the guys on my shows.

Bryan said...

Wow, not sure what to think of this. I guess if I put my testosterone on hold I can see the Robert Downey, Jr thing and I would agree with Mike Rowe and Hugh Laurie. I must admit I have a bit of a man crush on Mike Rowe myself. However I can not understand the Harrison Ford thing. He's 65! Not to mention that he is with Calista Flockhart. That's enough right there....whoops, sorry I just threw up in my mouth a little just thinking about Flockhart. Then there is the earing. Hello, Harrison, your not Michael Jordan. Ed Bradley thinks your too old for that!

Finally there is Bear Grylls. I'm surprised that a guy who eats maggots and dead animals on a weekly basis is found attractive by anyone. Is this really accurate? I mean, is that attractive? I don't get it. I mean if I saw Halle Berry eating a dead deer I don't think she'd look all that good anymore.

Chris, on a side note, along with the House clothes maybe you should wear them while eating some catapillars!

Of course I am just teasing you about this because of my jealousy. For some reason I think if I was to blog about whom I find very attractive that would be the end of me.

T is for Thompson said...

You should add Keith Urban to your list. What a hottie.