Friday, June 27, 2008

Knock on Wood!

Did I not just post about needed a summer break from anymore injuries or visits to Urgent care. Well, yesterday I only worked until 1:30 and I came home and planned to help my sister pack up her apartment and leave the girls at school while I did that. So I came home, had some lunch, got dressed in comfy clothes to go help, when my cell phone rings. I looked: "YM" (Young Minds Preschool.) Oh no. My heart instantly races....I think, "Who threw up? Who's hurt?" They called me about a month ago to come pick Reagan up because she slept wrong on her neck during naptime and she woke up with a wicked crick in her neck. It was sad. She couldn't turn her head.
Anyway.....I dread those calls. So I quickly answer. "Hi, Ryan's had an accident. I was carrying a table from one of the classrooms and Ryan came running out of the bathroom, full speed ahead, and ran right into the corner of the table, right below her eyebrow and she's bleeding." Ok....more stitches, I thought. And to make matters worse.....Ryan is EXTREMELY dramatic about any injury or scrape. She cries and cries about not going to the doctor and she walks around asking everyone "Am I bleeding?? Don't look!!" Ever since she got stitches on her finger, she is scared about going to the doctor. So I go and examine the damage. As you can see, a gash (right under her previous gash from my headboard) and she broke a blood vessel in her eyeball, which concerned me.
I didn't know what to do, so I took the girls to Chris' office and we decided it probably didn't need stitches. We remembered that Greg Titensor gave us an extra tube of Dermabond and we would glue it ourselves. Thanks Greg again!!! Saved another $30 co-pay.
Well, Ryan's doing good, but she kept crying, "I don't want anyone to see my cut when we go see "WALL-E" or "I can't go to Naomi's party with a cut on my eye!"
Well don't run in the halls.....or fall my headboard.....or smash your finger in a door....etc.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sea World and Beach day!!!

We just got back this past weekend from a quick trip to San Diego. We took the girls to Sea World on Thursday and they had a great time. They enjoyed watching the shows (Shamu was their favorite!). We went and saw the huge tank where Shamu swims around in and Ryan said "I can't believe that Shamu would have a friend that's a girl like me!"

Ryan's favorite place by far was the tide pool with all the Sea Stars. She could have stayed there all day! She would go to the other people and tell them to be sure and keep them underwater because that's where they breathe. Reagan really had fun too and even though it was busy, it was nice to not wait in any lines and just wander around the park.

The next day we drove out to Coronado Island and spent some time at the beach. Ryan immediately ran into the water and liked to chase the waves. It took Reagan a bit to get used to it. But by the end, she got all the way in the water. We had a great time and we all got "toasty shoulders," as Ryan calls being sunburned. Who wants to join us next time for a day at the beach??? It would be a blast!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

First Annual Sisters Retreat!

Bear with me as I explain our First Ever Sister's Retreat. I was planning to visit my sister Gabby in California last week. I was going to take the girls with me and we were going to go cherry picking at the local orchards and Gabby and I were going to make quilts. I was excited. Then I was trying to convince Ericka to come along too. She wanted to go to Disneyland, so I considered it. I knew the girls would have fun, but it would be really busy. So then Karla said she would come down to go to Disneyland too. Then Gabby said when Dan got home, she would head to Disneyland and spend the rest of the evening with us. Then suddenly someone mentioned going without the kids....hhhmmm.....that sounds good! I spoke with Chris and he said it would be no big deal. I was on vacation from work for the whole week, so the girls would go to preschool those two days. Ericka worked it out to get a sitter during the day. Dan offered to take the day off and stay with Gabby's kids. Karla wasn't working, so she could be there for sure. Last it was to convince Griscel to call in sick to work. I called her up......"I don't work Monday or Tuesday!!" We couldn't believe it. My mom offered to keep Noah for her. We did it!!! A sister's husbands......retreat!!!
So Ericka and I made T-shirts for everyone. It had NTA on it, which means "National Taded Awareness." Through the years, Taded has become our way of saying "retarded." I know...stupid, but it has stuck. In fact, I don't think Ericka and I even call ourselves by our names's always Taded this and taded that. We told everyone that NTA meant "No Toddlers Allowed" just so we didn't have to explain what Taded means.
So anyway.....I cried when I left the girls......but then Reagan threw a I left. Ericka, Griscel, and I drove to Gabby's, where Karla was waiting too, on Sunday, and then we drove to our Hotel room. Three and half stars!!! We felt pretty fancy. Did I mention that I got pink eye again that same day!?!?! Annoying. Griscel was treating me like I had the plague. I thought it was funny.
Disneyland was a blast!!! It was busy, but we didn't care. Everytime we saw a child throwing a fit or a sea of strollers.....we all would give a sigh of relief. It was fun! Karla peed her pants pretty much on every ride, Griscel was the only one brave enough to ride Screaming, I refused to get on Tower of Terror with my sisters....sorry. I got on Soaring all by myself instead. We all got the same Ring (pictured above) to remind us of our trip. It was a ring from the Pirates store. I think we regreted it as soon as we bought's pretty big.
But a big shout out to our hubbies for taking care of things at home!!! We have so much fun and we can't wait for next year's NTA day!!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Thank Goodness for Health Insurance!!!

I just wanted to document every time we've had to take the girls to Urgent Care, because I think we're starting to become regulars.
Ryan: 11 months old. Ear infection with vomiting. They gave an antibiotic that made throw up within one that was useless...and it was around Christmas. That was the Christmas that everyone got the stomach flu. EEEWWW.
1 1/2 year old. Another Stomach flu. They gave her a suppository that helped her a lot.
3 Years old. Worst one yet. I just dropped Ryan and Reagan off at the babysitters and as I drove away...I could feel it. I remember telling myself "Ryan's going to get hurt today." So when I was parking at work, I get the call. Come pick up Ryan because we're sure she'll need stitches on her finger. Ok. Picked her up. She smashed her finger on an iron security door. Half her pointer finger was flapped open. I instantly felt sick. We went to Urgent Care. Three stitches and a broken finger tip later....we left. The incident alone sent us back for three more visits for re-wrapping, stitch removal, and a follow up.
4 1/2. I wrapped Ryan up after her bath with a towel and threw her on my I always do. But this time....I aimed horribly and she twisted in the air. Result? Direct hit on my headboard right on her eyebrow bone. Instant gash. Chris right away said we had to take her to urgent care to get more stitches. I stayed calm and said, "Call Greg Titensor....he's got glue!!" We got a hold of him quickly and he did in fact have Dermabond. Glue! I think he carries it with him to all church functions because a little kid always get hurt. So he glued her up and she's fine. Saved a $30 co-pay!
I think that's it for Ryan.
Reagan: Not very often. Almost 2. She had a double ear infection. They also gave her the antibiotic they gave Ryan, and sure enough at exactly one hour and fifteen minutes....Reagan threw it up. I was taking her to her regular doctor every two weeks during March and April because she kept getting ear infections and the doctor had to keep cleaning our the earwax out of her ear. But Reagan rarely gets sick. Mostly running noses and a cough.
But that all changed on Sunday. We're ready to head to church and the girls were playing with Chris on the bed. They were laughing, having a good time. She laughs and bends over fast and hard and BAM!!! Cuts her gum right above her front tooth. Blood was dripping down her chin....I thought she was going to lose her tooth. So we pack up and head to urgent care. I just kept thinking that the sooner you tend to "teeth" issues, the better chance of saving the tooth. We waited in a sick, gross, crowded waiting room for about 40 minutes and then decided to leave. Chris and I started to feel like we were taking on the symptoms of the other people in there. We left and went to the Stake Center, because we knew at least three Dentists there. Dr. Harris looked at her and said she would be fine. He can't guarantee that her tooth wasn't' damaged but he thought she would be ok.
OK. That's it. and People always tell me, "It won't be the last visit to Urgent Care."
I need a summer break at least!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I found it!!!!

This past week has been the week of "I Found it!!"s. For two weeks I have not been able to find my scriptures. The last time I remember seeing them two weeks ago at church and I had searched everywhere for them and couldn't find them. (I pulled out my high school scriptures, for those who were wondering how on Earth I was able to do my daily scripture study.) Last Sunday, halfway through Sacrament Meeting I was so distracted by finding my scriptures, that I got up and went searching around the building. Lost and Found, not there. The library, not there either. Young Women room, nope. Young women closet, nada. The seminary closets, vanished! Where are they?!?! I also lost a very important stack of papers for work that I needed to mail to corporate verifying my dependents for my health insurance. If we don't mail this in by this Friday....we could lose coverage for my family!!! YIKES!!!! With all this was a tithing check I wrote and now couldn't find it. AAAUUGGHH!!! I looked everywhere!!!!! EVERYWHERE!!! I almost resorted to going through our "sensitive" trash (confidential trash) at work. I didn't know what I was going to do. AND where are my scriptures!!!!

So on Friday, we had a Young Women Recognition Night at the church and I happen to walk past the stand that they use in Gospel Doctrine and scriptures!!!! YEAH!!!! With the tithing check still inside! Then last night Chris took out his folder thing he uses for High Council and insurance form, along with very important prescriptions that I've been meaning to get filled for the past two months! YEAH!!! What a relief.
As a side story, every time I clean out my purse I ALWAYS find a spoon in my purse. I tell Gabby every time because she can't believe it. So one time I cleaned out my purse in front of her....and yes...there was a spoon. The last time I cleaned out my purse...4 spoons. I kid you not.
I realized after all of this that I never did the "Primary" solution. You know.....when you lose something...pray and ask to find it. How many stories have we heard about little children praying to find their favorite toy....or help mom find her never dawned on me. Shame on me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Time at the park.....

Just wanted to post some pictures of the girls enjoying themselves before it gets too hot to go outside. AAAHHH....can't wait until it's 105 degrees at 10 PM.
Ryan Golfing.
Reagan laughing.
My girls. Funny story: Ryan, Reagan, and I went to watch Chris play softball last Tuesday night. After playing at the park for awhile we went back to watch the end of the game. Ryan, by then, was not listening to me and I found myself yelling her name over and over and louder and louder. I was getting frustrated with the fact that she was completely ignoring me. So on the way home, I decided it was a perfect teaching opportunity for Ryan. I told her why it is important for her to listen when I call to her, because I want her to be safe. I then decided we should role play. I was the "mommy" and she was "ryan.
Ryan: Mom, can I go sit on the benches?
Me: Well, wait for me and Reagan and we'll go together.
Ryan: Ok mom.
Then Ryan wanted to switch roles. "You be Ryan and I'll be the mommy!!", she said.
Me: Mommy, mommy....I want to go sit on the benches all by myself!:
Ryan: Sure, go ahead.
I laughed all the way much for a teaching opportunity.