Saturday, October 12, 2013

It was been awhile.  A long while!  I keep telling myself, " I should post.  I should post," but with Instagram, Facebook, and texting....I feel like everyone knows everything already.  I even forget to check my blog to see if others have posted.  I am glad to see that some of you are still posting.  Facebook feeds and updates are more and more complicated and annoying sometimes, and my Instagram feed has way more posts by Justin Bieber and the Kardashians than my friends......I should change that huh! 
Anyway.....I have decided to try and keep up my blog.  I think blogging is going to make a COMEBACK!! hahaha!

Quick overview of what's been happening...
We bought a new house.  Love it. 
Chris is really busy at work.  Grateful.
Girls are growing.  Blessed.
Sabra and I sold the Treehouse.  Hard. 
All my family is healthy and doing well.  Like. :)

We had a huge thing happen this year.....we took family pictures for the first time ever.  EVER.  There is not one picture with all four of us in it....until now.  Our fabulous photographer did an amazing job.  I always thought that I would lose weight first before taking pictures but it hasn't happened and I would hate for something to happen and we didn't have one.   My goal is to take pictures at least once a year from now on.  

Ryan is about to turn 10 and is in 4th grade.  She is taking piano lessons and painting lessons.  She is loving her school and still loves to sing.  She is a great, great girl. 
Reagan is about to turn 8 and will be baptized.  Amazing.  She is also taking piano lessons and will start taking sewing lessons soon too.  We just celebrated (?) 3 years since she was diagnosed with Diabetes.  We had a huge scare earlier this year and she had to be flown out to Phoenix but she got better very quickly and is doing well now.  

SO.....I'm gonna try and keep this up.  I hope you will too!