Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Secret Crushes!

Well it's not so secret, because I tell Chris all the time....."I have a secret crush on him." "Him" meaning my new favorite actor or actors. Right now I have quite a few. I realized this is also another part of "How I know I'm getting older." My taste in men has shifted. I recently watched "Ironman" and I had a very nice dream about Robert Downey, Jr. that night. We saw Indiana Jones on Thursday and man....Harrison Ford looks great....for 60....but does that matter? I don't care. Let's see....who else. OH! Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild) Hunk!, Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) Yummy!, and my ultimate crush....Hugh Laurie (House). Why??? I don't know....maybe because they're stable...have a life plan....good at Ross on Tuesdays? Not that my husband lacks these qualities. He's stable, life discount, But very handsome. One time Chris wore jeans, a t-shirt, with a black blazer, and tennis shoes....I told him...." I don't know why, but you look very sexy in that." He responded, "Because I'm dressed like House." He was right (see above)!!!! He was even limping because he hurt his ankle.

But anyway...all of these men are over 40 and they say 40 is the new 30, so....they're only a couple years older than me. So it's ok. And besides....have you seen the little boys girls are swooning over these days??? Come on.....The Jonas Brothers (someone HAS to do SOMETHING about their eyebrows!!!) and Zac Efron (High School Musical)......ok he's a little cute. David Archuleta (American Idol).....I find him a "I want to be your mom" kind of know....take him to the splash park, feed him lunchables with campbell soup and a gogurt, then put him to bed the way my girls put everything to sleep. See my "Put to Sleep" post. .....little boys nonetheless.

Don't worry....Jake still have a special place in my heart.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bring your daughter to work day!

Did you know it was bring your daughter to work day on Monday???? I sure didn't. Sunday after church I noticed Ryan's eye was collecting a little goop and I figured it was allergies. Monday morning she woke up with her eye completely sealed shut with gunk. It was sad. She came up to me in the morning asking me why she couldn't see. I gave her a hot wet washcloth and she cleaned up her eye. I didn't know what to do. I would have normally just kept her home, but I already didn't go to work on Friday because of a funeral and I felt bad. One of the biggest reasons why I don't like work, if my kids need me, it takes phone calls to make sure I can get permission to stay home. AAAUUGGHH!!!
So, her eye was looking ok, just a little a swollen and red, so I packed up the girls and headed off to school. I told Ryan that if her eye bothered her during the day to make sure and tell her teacher and I would come and pick her up. I don't know how many other times I've hinted to her to tell her teacher she's not doing well and I could go and get her, but she doesn't ever pick up the hints. She has too much fun with her friends. So I took them to school and before I left, I told the director that Ryan's eye was weird and I wasn't sure what it was. She said she'd look at it because she's seen what pink eye looks like. She goes to her class and brings her back to me...."It's pink eye. She can't stay today...sorry." GREAT!!!!! I get to stay home. I told the director that I would leave Reagan there while I took Ryan to Urgent Care.
So, I took Ryan with me to work, since I was already late, to show proof that I have to stay with her. My mom couldn't take her because she watches Noah (5 months old) and Ericka has her two kids and I know they don't want pink eye. I walk in to work with Ryan and I show my manager her eye and told her that I have to stay with her. She tells me they're really short handed, with two tellers gone, but she understands. Then she asks me....."Do you think she'll sit with you in the drive-up until Jessica comes at 12?" Uuummmm....."I guess we could try," I said. So Ryan helped me get my cash out of my vault, helped me set up my teller window, send the canisters thru the was weird. I told Ryan, "I never thought you would come with me to work, Ryan." She responds "I never thought you would come to school with me, mom." I sat there getting more and more angry as the day went on. I couldn't believe she was sitting there with pink eye at my work. It was so strange. She did really well though. I was shocked. I would tell her the number lane to talk to and she would push that intercom and say "Thank you very much. Have a nice day." I would look at the customer's face do a double take when they heard her voice. She asked if she could say "Thank you very much. I love you." I said no. She also would sing Tell me the Stories of Jesus full volume thru the intercom (when there were no cars, of course), but everyone inside could hear her.
She kept the merchant teller entertained most of the time. At the beginning of the day, another employee buzzed me on the phone asking me if Hugo was in the drive thru, I said no. Ryan was so concerned the rest of the day. "Where's Hugo?" , she would ask. And anyone who walked in, she would ask, " Are you Hugo? No? Where is he?" It was funny. Well about 11:50, she started acting like a dog, running around on her hands and knees, barking. I knew it was time to go. I quickly balanced (to the penny) and we left for the day at 12:45. I took Ryan to the doctor and she did have pink eye. I called everyone she was in contact with in the last couple days and it turned out the kids we hung out with in Tucson for the funeral got pink eye too on Monday morning. So.....I guess the moral is....just call in....don't go to work.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Princess!! (say that with a lisp)

Ryan got her costume for her dance recital coming up in June. She wants to wear all the time but she feels she must walk around like a "big girl." But seriously, have you ever seen such grace and femininity? Ryan's sheer size and height basically puts her in linebacker status with the other girls her age. We love her though!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ok, this is it!!

Chris laughs every time I say this because I say it every Sunday. I always say that I'm going to accomplish tons this week. I'm going to continue my weight loss efforts by exercising everyday, by really taking time with each of my girls to teach them something new everyday, organizing one drawer in my house every day, I want to strictly follow my beauty regiment every night, read my scriptures and so on. But I don't and every Sunday I throw my hands up in the air and "OK This is it!" Chris usually asks, "What?" and I go on telling him that I'm going to be new woman and I'm going to lose the rest of weight, and I'm going to keep my house clean, and my children are going to poster children for the Friend. I realize I can't possibly accomplish all that in a week, but I should be able to do at least one, right? Nope. Nothing.
This morning, I said it again...."Ok This is it!" Chris didn't respond this time. I'm sure he knows I'm going to go ahead and start listing my goals off anyways....and I did. I'm going to take it slow, but I do want to start doing some form of physical activity other than chasing after Reagan. I have been on a "diet" for the past.........eight years? I weighed 112 pounds when I got married none years ago. I don't weigh that anymore. Before I had Ryan, I thought I was so fat, I became very depressed. I had to take embarassing. Yeah.... and now I weigh twenty pounds more than I did when I was depressed and I have already lost twenty pounds. So its a good thing it doesn't bother me like it did then. Maybe I shouldn't lose those twenty pounds, because I'd hate to be depressed again!
So this week, I'm doing something different. I'm saying "OK This is it!", but on my blog so that I have all of you to help me stay on task. I will keep you updated with my journey. Wish me luck!

I want Eight kids!!!!

I sometimes watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight on TLC. If you haven't watched it, do...because I can promise you that you will feel better about yourself and realize you don't have it that bad. This show is about a couple who had problems getting pregnant and did in-vetro fertilization and got pregnant with twin girls. The first show they ever did said that Jon, the husband, was happy with two kids and didn't want anymore. He always imagined a family of four, but Kate wanted to try one more time and Jon finally gave in. Surprise!! She gets pregnant with sextuplets. When they started the show they had two 6 year olds and six 2 year olds. Can you imagine??? I cannot. I don't DVR this show so I just watch it whenever I happen to catch it while channel surfing. One show was about how they ALL went to the dentist in one day.....hello?? Why would you take eight kids all at the same time to the dentist. They would go two at a time to the dentist chair while the other kids entertained themselves in the lobby. Obviously, it makes for better TV.
The last episode I caught was where one by one all the kids got the stomach flu. Their house was a field of blankets on the floor with puke buckets next to them. I felt sick just watching it. Kate, who has OCD and is a germaphobe, spends the entire day doing laundry. She then said that she washing about four loads of laundry a day and gets everything washed by Tuesday because she has a lady come on Wednesdays to FOLD ALL HER LAUNDRY!! I want that!!! I HATE to fold laundry and I only do about five loads a week. Then on Thursdays ANOTHER lady comes and puts the laundry AWAY. I sure they can afford it because the show probably pays a good amount. Otherwise, they live on one income.
Chris and I always say how we would kill ourselves if it were us. And I just keep thinking.....I couldn't handle it...I couldn't handle it.....I coudn't handle it. Then I realized something glorious. When these kids turn five.....they all go to school together!!! and Kate will have alone time every day during school. I'm sure that's when the show will end, because Kate by herself, will not be entertaining. So, when ever I get overwhelmed with my two kids, I will remember that I don't have eight and I'm not married to Jon (who is a bit of a jerk). Check it out if you can.
So do I want eight kids? Not a chance!

By the way....I will pay good money to have my laundry folded and put it away.....any takers?? I didn't think so.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

We did absolutely nothing and it was everything I thought it would be...

That's one of my favorite movie quotes. I love to do nothing every once in awhile. It's been over a week, but I need to post about our very nice trip we took to Palm Desert. I had a few days off from work and Chris and I were trying to decide where to go. San Diego, Las Vegas, Rocky Point....anywhere as long as the kids stayed here! Finally we decided to go to Palm Springs and leave the girls with Gabby who lives only about 30 minutes away. We began searching for hotels....uh oh....everything in Palm Springs is really expensive. 2 star hotels were about $130 a night. Turned out it was the Cochella Music Festival that weekend headlining Jack Jackson, Pink Floyd, and Prince. So we decided to Priceline a hotel, hoping we could get a 3-star for around that price. We entered a bid for a 3-star at $120 and the computer took awhile, but it finally came back and it said "Congratulations we've upgraded you to a 4 star resort in Palm Desert at $120!" We were so excited! We stayed at the Hyatt Grand Champion Resort and Day Spa. Check it out. It was definitely the fanciest place I've ever stayed at! We looked online and the regular price for our room is $280 a night!!! It was almost embarrassing when we pulled up and a bunch a cute guys came up and opened doors and took our luggage and told us it would be taken to our room. My luggage by the old and dirty and one has a huge puke stain from Reagan that was impossible to get out. We were parked around BMWs, Mercedes, Cadillacs, and even a Black Lamborghini. Above are pictures of the Cabana we used one day and the view out to the pool.....please ignore the fat girl who thought she looked cool in our cabana. The Cabana had a ceiling fan, a TV, a fridge, and they brought water bottles and a bowl of fruit. It was so nice. Chris and I kept looking at each other and laughing. We thought for sure someone would come up to us and ask us to leave or verify we were staying there, but no one did. Everyone was really nice. We ate at great restaurants (Flemings and PF Changs) and we wandered around doing nothing. We went to an outdoor mall call the River, where our restaurants were at, and it's that same place where Gabby and Dan went for her birthday and that's where they saw Bill Gates walking in to the movie theater. Pretty cool. So was nice and relaxing and I got to sleep through the night without putting Reagan back in her bed a trillion times and Ryan coming out saying she's scared of the monsters and I got eat all my food without Reagan sitting on my lap scarfing down all my food......aaauugghh, I miss it! Thanks Gabby so so so so so so much for taking the girls!! So....until next time.....I'll be dreaming of Palm Desert every night.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A moment of Silence please

I just wanted to announce that today I celebrate(?) nine years working for Chase Bank. This was going to be two year job to help put Chris through school, but I'm still here. And it's not that bad really. I've just never worked anywhere longer than a year and a half. Even at the bank I never stayed in a branch more than a year. I liked to move around, but in yuma, where there are only two branches and your sister works at the other one....I've been forced to stay at my branch for over three years! I started working for Chase when it was Bank One and I worked in an In-store branch, which is a small branch inside a grocery store. We were opened from 9-8 and 9-6 on Saturdays. I remember working three 8:30-8:30 shifts in a row. That's not my idea of bankers hours, but grocery shopping was a breeze. Since then I've worked at: Golf Links/Kolb, University, River/Campbell, Grant/Silverbell, Back to River/Campbell, and now Yuma. I could seriously write a book on annoying Co-workers, wierd bosses, the two robberies I was in, how banking works (I just LOVE it when customers think they should make the rules and I would love to show everyone how to fill out a deposit slip), and how not to spend your money! I also know what $375, 000 looks like. But it's been a great blessing working there because I only work 20 hours a week and I get full medical, dental, and vision benefits for my whole family and I get four weeks paid I'm hardly ever there. I counted and I work 12 days a months. Not bad. But regardless I can't believe it's been that long and I am wearing all black today. And I know I have said many times to other people....I am close to quitting. I am starting a business and hopefully within the next few months, that will be it! And if next year, it becomes my ten year anniversary with the bank, I'm putting my "Next Window" sign up, locking my cash drawers, and walking out.