Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tip of the Day

I have always heard that you should never go to the grocery store when you're hungry. Well, I made the mistake today of going to Walmart to do my grocery shopping after I hadn't eaten anything all day!! (Other than a doughnut for breakfast) So at 5:30, my stomach is growling, I'm dizzy, shakey, and my mouth is watering at everything I see. My whole shopping experience happened in a fog and before I knew I was checking out. So......$150 later, I think the only complete meal I had in my cart were oero's and milk.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fine Art Show at the Thompsons

My girls go to a preschool three days a week while I work. Everyday they bring home coloring pages and crafts that they did that day. I was telling Chris that, while I love to see their creativity, the quality of art projects at their school seem to be lacking. Anyway, I was cleaning up my kitchen and I was throwing away a huge stack of stuff they had brought home, when I found a few I would share. Above you see a self protrait of Ryan. Have you ever seen "The Ring"? I told myself that the second that picture says "Seven Days", I'm burning it. Ryan also always draws a belly button on everyone she draws! Notice the big black dot in the middle of her belly.
Now this is more like it.....nice, cheery, springy....I thought it was cute.
Now this is a bird feeder, made out of an old milk jug, Reagan made in her class. They stuck a bunch of foam stickers on it and they even gave her a little bag of bird seed too....bless their hearts. I think I'm going to hang it up next to the Soda Can Wind Spinner my dad gave me.
Thanks Dad!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

How I know I'm getting old....

This year I will be turning 29. Twenty-nine! I'm holding on to my "late twenties" with all I've got! I can't believe it. I still feel like I'm 22, so to take the current year and subtract it to the year I was born...and come up with 29.....there's no avoiding it. It's coming.....29 then 30 then 31 then get the picture. I started to notice things in my life that has made me realize that I am indeed not 22 anymore. First of all....I have kids! I am in charge of the well-being of little kids. I have to provide for them.....feed them....dress them....wipe their bums....dry tears....clean up throw up......and I'm the one who has to kill spiders for them. I never thought the day would come for that! My mom killed all the spiders for us! I don't even know what I will do if I have to kill a cockroach! EEEWW! So, I'm getting older!
I am in the Young Womens program....which means I'm not a young have to be 12-18 years old for that. And I catch myself saying...."What are they thinking...?" or "When I was that age...." I CHAPERONED a youth Dance and I kept telling Chris that my feet hurt and the music was too loud. HUH??? I also remember dancing with Tia at church dances and I know we looked cute! Not anymore....I tried dancing....I think I look like the leaders that tried dancing at my youth dances back then.
My television habits have changed. I used to watch MTV and VH1 all day! Never missed Real World (Seattle's my favorite!...followed by Hawaii....then New Orleans) or Road Rules. Not anymore. Those channels are COMPLETELY different now. Now I TiVo Designed to Sell and House Hunters on HGTV and I watch TLC. I do have my shows like House, American Idol, The Office, Project Runway, and Lost that keep me up-to-date.
By far, the thing that made me realize I'm getting older was that one day Ryan asked me to do a cartwheel for her.....and I did......and I pretty much almost broke my wrists and I stretched every muscle in my inner thighs. I also got really dizzy and I felt nauseous. I think I should start taking Boniva. it hot in here??? Uh comes menopause!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes we went to the Fair

I normally do not go to the Fair. I haven't been in over ten years. I don't like the crowds, rides, and the animals....I know....I'm a blast to hang out with. But now that I have kids, I wanted to take them to see the animals and ride rides. Plus it's way cheaper than going to Disneyland and I think they think it's just as fun. Reagan, though, was not tall enough to ride any of the rides. Even the little Train that goes in circles. She was, however, tall enough to ride the Bumper Boats. Really? She's allowed to sit on a very unstable tube that has a small engine in a pool of 2-3 feet of water???? OK. She had fun.
The petting zoo was free and you could pay two dollars to feed the animals. The girls really enjoyed it. I think they were in there for about half an hour.

This picture above is us looking at the pigs. We've been reading Charlotte's Web to the girls and Ryan was excited to find Wilbur, Charlotte, and Templeton. She said she did find them.
Ryan on the helicopter ride.