Monday, February 9, 2009

My Dream Home

This is my dream home. Look Familiar?
I think the best thing I did was marry an architect because he has educated me on what is out there and what good design is. I think we have the same taste. He likes to decorate and pick accessories for our house. Sometimes it's annoying because I feel like I have run my design choices through him.....but...hey.....he does it for a living.
So one day.....I will live in a single story, mid-century modern home with three bedrooms, and office, three bathrooms, a kitchen with concrete countertops and grey porcelian floors and walnut zebra grained cabinets, and a huge foyer that I will call the gallery to hang all of my family pictures. My current house does not have a family picture wall. I wish it did.
So....can anyone guess where you've seen that house?