Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rejected Twilight Screenplay!



You'll love it!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Feet!

We finally got Ryan's pictures sent to us from her dance recital that happened in JUNE! Isn't that the cutest (and funniest) picture. Just keep staring at'll just smile and start to laugh. Not at her, but with her! are things I LOVE about Ryan!
1. She's my first baby! She was the beginning of our little family. We had a scare when she was born. I'll try and post pictures of what she looked like when she was born soon. After many MANY prayers, we found out everything was OK.
2. She's very independent and bossy....wait....a leader and friendly. HA HA. I love that she isn't afraid of people (although when she decides to go sit next the weird man at the park and begin to ask him questions....that worries me a little!). She right away likes to go up to other kids and ask their names and begin to play. It makes me think that she won't let anyone push her around when she's older.
3. She's smart....too smart sometimes. Nothing gets past her, so it helps me to be better knowing she's listening.
4. She loves Reagan (most of the time)! One day we picked her up from preschool and she was not happy. She was crying and crying (which she never does) and we couldn't calm her down. Finally later that night, I asked what happened. She said "Miss Monica (one of her teachers) said she was going to take Reagan home with her! But she can't (with tears falling down her face).....Reagan belongs with me!" It was really sweet.
5. She sings ALL day! It's hilarious the songs she makes up.
6. She tells me she loves me for no reason.
So I love you too Ryan!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ok I take it back!

I saw Twilight again with Chris tonight. Chris read the book and enjoyed it and since his favorite thing to do is go to the movies, he said he would go with me to watch it. I warned him that he might think it was cheesy or a little weird, but to go watch it anyway. The second time around was sooooo much better. It wasn't cheesy to me or awkward, it was really good. I loved the soundtrack too. Chris really liked it too. Maybe something was up with me that night because even the Harry Potter Trailer was not good to me, but tonight I thought it was really good too. Who knows. Anyway, saw it the second time and I really liked it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Highlight of the night...

I did it. I watched the midnight showing of Twilight. I have read all the books and I enjoyed them for sure. The Tailgate party was a blast and the movie was pretty good. Not my favorite movie for sure. I think it was a little choppy and honestly, cheesy in a few parts. The highlight of the night was seeing a very tired Gary Kirkham walking in like he was in pain (like Jasper). I could tell he didn't really care about Bella and Edward and would much rather be at home asleep. We teased him as he walked by and he wondered where our husbands home asleep. Then during the raffles, who wins the beautiful necklace that Rosalie Cullen wears?.....Gary Kirkham. The look on his face.....pretty much just as painful as when he walked in. I thought it was pretty funny. Also...Stephanie winning the life size cardboard cutout of Edward was also a highlight.
Anyway....the movie was entertaining, but the whole party made the night a blast. Thanks Shannon and Sabra! That party will be very hard to top! Maybe for the New Moon release?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Six Weird Things.

I saw a bunch of my blog friends do this and I got a kick out of reading them, but I figured I couldn't come up with six.....but I'm going to try.

1. I hate flying. I don't know why. The first time I flew in an airplane, I was a freshman in High School and I went to Washington DC. I loved it! I think it was the drugs I took to calm down first. But the food was great, the flight was smooth, and I was sitting next a really cute Junior. Life was great. I have flown many times since then, Phoenix to Salt Lake, Tucson to Mazatlan, Tucson to San Diego, Tucson to Las Vegas, Yuma (!) to Seattle, LA to Hawaii (twice). So I'll do it, but it's not my favorite. I think it happened when we flew from Las Vegas back to Tucson, I could Swear that that airplane from slowing down and then speeding up and slowing down and speeding up.....I was quite angry at the pilot. And when we flew from Yuma, it was in a small plane with PROPELLERS!! Freaky. So...that's why RVing sounds appealing to me.

2. I love the day after Thanksgiving Shopping day. I always had to work and could never do it, but the last two years I was able to do it. Last year I got in line with Ericka at Sams Club at 3 am!! I love it. I love the hunt and pushing elbows and the thrill of getting 600 count sheets for my bed for $20. Love it!

3. I have not thrown up since I was in First Grade. That would have made me.....6 years old? I remember the day, but I don't remember what it was like. I never threw up with my pregnancies, although sometimes it came close.....but that was the first time I felt nauseous. Some say I'm lucky, and I am....but that just makes it a huge fear for me. I dread that day when I throw it too much to hope that it will never happen? Probably. I'll keep you posted.

4. I can dislocate my right shoulder on demand. It makes a hole in my shoulder and it's pretty gross looking. Although now that I'm older, when I do hurts.....and it keeps hurting for awhile. So, I realize elasticity of my ligaments are slowly drying out.

5. I can do the splits. I could do it better when I was younger, but I can still do them. A 30 year old doing the splits really has no importance or use. But even now...I can do them.

6. I have a fear of choking or someone else choking on their food. Shortly after we got married, Chris and I were having dinner at Olive Garden. Chris had braces and they just put in an extender thing on the roof of his mouth. We were eating bread sticks and Chris starts to choke. I quickly get up and tried to do the Heimlich. It's not working! Chris was sitting down and I couldn't get a good grasp of him. He's still choking.....I don't know what to do. I yell for help. An OLD man gets up and comes over and start to pat his SHOULDER...."Are you ok?" REALLY? I then hit Chris really hard on the back and he spits out his food. Gross....but I was a mess! Of course you begin to imagine what could have happened. I was crying and I could not calm down. Chris, on the other hand, says he's still hungry and proceeds to eat all of his food. I wouldn't let him eat alone for like three weeks. I've grown up since then and found that I'm not nearly as paranoid with my girls. Especially Reagan......she is a human garbage disposal and I've really relaxed since the Olive Garden incident.

Ok.....that's all I got.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Halloween. This pretty much sums it up for Reagan, at least. We had about three costume changes for Reagan the day of the Trunk or Treat for our ward. She was first, An angel, which is really funny for Chris and I because the opposite of an angel, some of the lot of the time. She is super cute though. Next change was Mickey Mouse, then finally she put on Ryan dance costume from her dance recital in June. So that's fine. That costume cost $60 and she only wore it for the recital. But Reagan refused to put on the tutu, or the belt, or the arm poofs. So it looks like she's wearing a bathing suit to go trick or treating at the church. Ryan knew she wanted to be a cowgirl. She wore this costume two years ago and it still fit her....although short.

The first picture shows most of the kids who came over for our first ever Halloween party. We had about 45 people come and it was crazy, but a blast!! Ryan and Reagan wore different costumes that night. Ryan was supergirl. Her same costume from last year. Reagan was an Angel. But that didn't last too long. She took her custome off and ran around in her underwear and undershirt. She's nuts.
So now.....we have tons of candy left over and I have no idea what to do with it? Eat it, I guess.
Thanks for everyone who came to our party. We hope you had fun! I know we did.