Saturday, March 19, 2011

Post #100

Just a quick funny story:

I was getting the girls ready yesterday morning in a hurry because I had a Dr.'s Appointment (with a dermatologist). Ryan, of course, was taking her time and I started getting frustrated.

Me: Please hurry! I have to get you to school and Reagan to Ericka's because I have to go to the doctor!
Ryan (looking at me concerned): You never go to the Doctor.
Me: I know....this is just a skin doctor
Ryan (looking me up and down): For your dead skin cells?

Yup. Hilarious that girl.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beware of Sleeping with Little Girls in the House

See what happens when you're lazy and sleep in til 1oam?
Love ya babe!!!

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

Ryan's Birthday was on January 9th. I know time has past, but I wanted to make sure and post.
My baby is now 7 years old! Can't believe it. We normally do a birthday party for both girls, but it seemed exhausting this year. Christmas, birthdays, holidays,!
Anyway, Ryan is growing. She just lost her front tooth.....welcome to the awkward stage! She's still beautiful though! She has been doing so well at Mesquite since we switched schools and loves her friends and her teacher. Ryan is such a great girl. She's funny, loves to sing, quite the artist, and is so friendly.
I love you Ryan!!!