Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Cruise!

A year ago, my in-laws surprised all of their children and spouses (that's me!) to go on week long Caribbean cruise this summer. I was excited (and freaked out cause I don't like boats or flying!). But it was a FABULOUS time! and I do love hanging out with all my brother and sister in laws.
So at the end of June, we flew out of Yuma (yikes! I hate those little planes!) to Phoenix. Then to Denver (which closed for an hour due to weather and we had to circle the airport in the air for an hour!). Then to Miami (which we waited on the tarmac for an hour because of mechanical issue....holy cow!). We also flew right by the Gulf of Mexico and we could see the fires burning from the oil spill. Pretty crazy to see that. We landed in Miami and let me tell you......HUMID! I would in a million years take our "dry heat" over the stickiness of Miami. How do they stand it??? So....we boarded our ship. It was HUGE!

*I usually don't include pictures of myself, but this time there are. Yes, I'm I'm not pregnant.

That dome area that is sticking out is a hot tub.

Have you ever seen the ocean this blue?? Beautiful!

The Flow Rider! Chris got pretty good at it. (he's not pictured. sorry!)

The Royal Promenade. (shopping strip) See those windows above the stores? Those are rooms and our rooms were on the 2nd level of windows. Awesome!!!

The adult only pool.

The Kiddie pool

The Party Pool.

Chad in the belly flop contest, which he won!

After TWO straight days out to sea, we make our first stop in St. Maarten.
This is Orient Beach....the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. The sand was Soft! The water was clear and perfect!

Most of us.

Next stop, San Juan, Puerto Rico. LOVED IT!! SO awesome!

We visited Fort San Cristobal

Another Fort and cemetery.

cool buildings

hands down.....the BEST food we ate all week!

Last Stop....Labadee Haiti.

Most of us zip lined down the Dragon's Breath Flight line.
It was Great!!!

View of the zip line from the beach

That's me.

Labadee Beach.

All of us hanging out on our last day out to sea.

Awww....the Family Picture

We had a great time. We missed the girls, but they were well taken care of by my family here at home. We ATE! We Played! We Danced! We ATE some more.
This ship was SO huge. It had restaurants, spa, pools, 5 hot tubs, ice skating, rock wall, mini golf, Flow rider, fitness center with boxing ring, dance clubs......I can't even name them all.
I would HIGHLY recommend Royal Caribbean. I've been on two cruises with them and I would do it again in a second.

Til next time.......

One of many....

Back in January we went on our annual trip to Disneyland. It almost got rained out, but the heavens opened and we were able to go. We got our tickets off ebay for super cheap and we were able to upgrade them to annual passes for $8 a piece! So we have gone 3 times so far this year. Now I can't tell which trip is which. But basically, they're all the same.
Reagan.....too scared to get on.

Ryan has a crush on Terrence. She was almost too shy to take the picture.

Disney Princess Breakfast is must.....but we can only do that once a year. Pricey, but good!

I didn't fit in the Dumbo ride with them.