Saturday, March 29, 2008

What does this mean?

Isn't it in "The Godfather" that if you wake up with a dead horse in your bed, some mobster will do something bad to you or your family.....I don't know....I've never seen "The Godfather", but I've picked this up from other movies. What does it mean if you wake up with the broom on your bed? That's right....we woke up this morning with the kitchen broom on our bed....thanks guessed it....Reagan. During the night....she woke up and wandered around the house and decided to find the broom and bring it to me. What could that mean? and I don't think that it means I need to clean or sweep.....that's too literal. Any ideas?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Day!

Chris got a new camera thanks to our tax return, so he went a little crazy taking pictures. I think he took around 150, but we got some really good ones. I was excited!
Who are these kids? I'll keep them!

When Chris took this picture above of Ryan she said, "Here's the egg....take the picture." Imagine that with a "here's the freakin' egg....hurry up" kind of tone.
So we had a good easter. We didn't do baskets, mostly because I forgot, but we just had dinner with Chris' parents and they had an egg hunt ready for them. I think we hid the eggs around fives times. Then Ryan had a turn hiding them, with Reagan right behind her picking them up saying "I found an egg!" It was pretty funny.
Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It was that kind of a day......

Yesterday was my "Day." It happens once a month without any explanation or real warning. I just wake up and's that day. Before I go on, this content may be disturbing for the sensitive. Coincidentally, it happens a few days before that time of the month. So that "day" happened like this. I woke up and layed in bed until after 8, which I never do. Mainly because Reagan wakes up around 7, but yesterday she slept in. But I think even if she would have been awake...I wouldn't have cared. We had a party Monday night and I had planned to wake up and get the kitchen cleaned and vacuum that living room. But I woke up.....and just walked around the house...aimlessly. I checked my a few blogs.....checked random websites. Then I decided to feed the girls breakfast. I usually fix them eggs, yogurt, fruit, and milk, but that day...Cheerios would have to do. I gave it to them...and they didn't want it. They must be having a "day" too. So I asked Ryan what she wanted....She wasn't hungry....fine. I asked Reagan.....she wanted Doritos and bacon that's what a fixed up. Can you believe it?!?! I gave my child bacon bits for breakfast and I didn't think twice! Lunch and Dinner were much better at least. I didn't shower until 4:30....that's when I brushed my teeth too. I layed in bed watching TLC all afternoon...while the girls watched Bee Movie....I think four times while they shared a bag of Sour Cream and Onion chips. Hmm...I wonder why my two year old is wearing 3T clothes and weighs 30 lbs.? Chips and Bacon bits, perhaps? They didn't watch TV all day....they did play in there room, taking EVERY toy out of place. I didn't put Reagan down for a nap....she ended up falling asleep on my bed for half an hour. The rest of the evening was a blur.....I don't really remember other than going to Target at 9:30 and then watching American Idol. So...nothing really happened, but it was one of those days....I look forward to it next month.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today, March 12, Chris and I celebrate our 9 Year Anniversary! 9 years. As you can tell by the picture....a lot can happen in 9 years. We have moved 7 times. We have bought 3 three homes. Chris graduated from the University of Arizona (GO Wildcats) and is now a fully licensed Architect. We've had two great girls. We've had 8 different cars. We finally have a car made in this decade! Chris and I will become owners of our own businesses this next year. Wow....and we're still having a blast!
For those who haven't heard the story.....this is how we met.
I worked at Millers Outpost. I knew Chris' younger brother from school, but I didn't realize he had an older brother. Chris only lived here when he was a lot younger and his family moved to Yuma when he left on his mission (Veracruz, Mexico). He speaks better Spanish than me. I know, it's embarrassing. Well, I was working and Chris and his mom came into the store the day after he got home. I will never forget the first image I have of seeing him walking into the men's department. After shopping, his mom came over and introduced us. I shook his hand, which I remember was very missionary-like. And that was it. I would see him off and on during the next month at institute and other church things. We spoke for the first time alone a month later and I found out he spoke spanish and that he was going away to school in a few weeks to Tucson to study Architecture. I was impressed because most guys I knew didn't have a solid plan like that. So long story short, our first date was August 10, 1998, but by the time he left for school two weeks later, I was hooked! He went away to school, but he came down every other weekend to see me and we talked on the phone every Wednesday (the days before cell phones were affordable). We got engaged on October 23 and we got married on March 12, 1999. Very fast, but I couldn't take the long distance thing anymore. And now it's 9 years later and I'm still having a blast! He's my favorite person to hang out with and I love him!!!!
Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What a day for a daydream....

Just Wanted to show a few recent pictures of the girls.We got them a little playhouse and they have a lot of fun making soup.
Ryan got a big girl haircut! Her hair was down to the middle of her back, but she would not let me brush it or do any cute hairstyles, so I cut it and now it looks done even when I just put a clip in it.
I"ll be getting my hair cut like this very soon.
These two pictures of Reagan capture the two sides of Reagan perfectly!

And more fun in the playhouse.

Well....that's all.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Don't be a Tool!

I was reminded today of a story that happened a month ago or so and I had to post it, because it made me laugh. We were having Sunday dinner over at my in-laws house and we were sitting eating and talking about people we hadn't seen in a long time. Chris mentioned that Pat (someone we know) was back in town and possibly moving back for on and so forth. We were talking about that for a little bit and suddenly Ryan says "Pat's a tool." We all just sat there shocked!! I quickly scanned my memory trying to figure if I had ever called someone a tool....or if Chris had said that before....but I couldn't remember ever saying something like that. Meanwhile, we're just silent with our mouths opened....and Ryan continues....."Yeah Pat's a tool....he's a hammer.....from Handy Manny." OOOOHHHH.....Handy Manny is a Disney cartoon and Pat is a hammer....his tool! Anyway....I just wanted to document that happened, because I had already forgotten.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Day of Rest

So, this year our ward has 1 p.m. church......which we dread for several reasons. 1. It's very hard to stay in the spirit of going to church when you go so late in the day. 2. During the summer, it's too hot!!!! I mean, who doesn't love getting into your car at the hottest part of the day and getting the air sucked out of your lungs from the intense heat and seeing 119 degrees on your car thermometer.....I love it! 3. The most important reason to hate 1 p.m. church is that we expect our children to behave reverently during the most critical time of the day....naptime. Ryan no longer naps, but Reagan does and she gets very irrational during that time if she doesn't sleep. What do we do??? Become inactive every three years? Sit out in the foyer every sunday? Wake Reagan up at six a.m. so she falls asleep around 12 and maybe gets an hour rest before? That last option sounds great doesn't it? I would LOVE to get up early on Sundays!
So now we're starting our third month of 1 pm church.....and what did we decide to do? Reagan wakes up every morning a little before 7 am and she begins to get tired around 11:30, but we keep her awake and occupied. Then we leave for church around 15 minutes early and take the senior citizen scenic route to church....and....Reagan falls asleep in the car....and.....she stays alseep during all of sacrament meeting!!! Its like we have turned back the hands of time and we now have an infant again! Except, no carseat in the aisle, no big diaper bag, no bottles, or burp clothes. I get to hold her like a baby all during sacrament meeting in my arms. And Ryan is behaving so much better because she isn't fighting with Reagan for books and snacks. We actually get to sit and listen to the speakers. Imagine that. And then, we send her off to nursery for two hours. She wakes up a little grumpy, but she gets over it pretty quickly. So.....hurray for 1 pm church........we'll see in three years if I still like it.