Sunday, May 18, 2008

I want Eight kids!!!!

I sometimes watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight on TLC. If you haven't watched it, do...because I can promise you that you will feel better about yourself and realize you don't have it that bad. This show is about a couple who had problems getting pregnant and did in-vetro fertilization and got pregnant with twin girls. The first show they ever did said that Jon, the husband, was happy with two kids and didn't want anymore. He always imagined a family of four, but Kate wanted to try one more time and Jon finally gave in. Surprise!! She gets pregnant with sextuplets. When they started the show they had two 6 year olds and six 2 year olds. Can you imagine??? I cannot. I don't DVR this show so I just watch it whenever I happen to catch it while channel surfing. One show was about how they ALL went to the dentist in one day.....hello?? Why would you take eight kids all at the same time to the dentist. They would go two at a time to the dentist chair while the other kids entertained themselves in the lobby. Obviously, it makes for better TV.
The last episode I caught was where one by one all the kids got the stomach flu. Their house was a field of blankets on the floor with puke buckets next to them. I felt sick just watching it. Kate, who has OCD and is a germaphobe, spends the entire day doing laundry. She then said that she washing about four loads of laundry a day and gets everything washed by Tuesday because she has a lady come on Wednesdays to FOLD ALL HER LAUNDRY!! I want that!!! I HATE to fold laundry and I only do about five loads a week. Then on Thursdays ANOTHER lady comes and puts the laundry AWAY. I sure they can afford it because the show probably pays a good amount. Otherwise, they live on one income.
Chris and I always say how we would kill ourselves if it were us. And I just keep thinking.....I couldn't handle it...I couldn't handle it.....I coudn't handle it. Then I realized something glorious. When these kids turn five.....they all go to school together!!! and Kate will have alone time every day during school. I'm sure that's when the show will end, because Kate by herself, will not be entertaining. So, when ever I get overwhelmed with my two kids, I will remember that I don't have eight and I'm not married to Jon (who is a bit of a jerk). Check it out if you can.
So do I want eight kids? Not a chance!

By the way....I will pay good money to have my laundry folded and put it away.....any takers?? I didn't think so.


Amber said...

My husband and I watch this show together. we love it because they are so honest and it makes us feel better about how we treat each other. Granted we don't have 8 kids to try our patience. I would lose my mind. But as I was watching recent shows I realized that as they get older they all play together and are starting to entertain themselves to Kate gets a break. And they always have enough kids to make a baseball team or put on a little skit if they want. That must be nice.

Rose said...

Eight thanks. As for the laundry. I separate out the clothes and place them on the girls beds; pj's in one pile, pants & shorts, socks, and the shirts they put on hangers and hang themselves! It is so great....most of the time. Audrey still has a hard time with the hangers and shirts. But they are both at an age where they want to help me all the time, well at least this is actually helping. Not like when they secretly "help" with dishes, and spill water everywhere, or "help" Meredith play by rolling and shaking her till she throws up. So far so good, now only if I could get them to do this as teenagers!

T is for Thompson said...

I love folding laundry! Seriously! Putting it away is another story, but folding? Bring it on! It's something I can sit down and do. 8 little kids would be a bit much. So did they doctor implant 6 embryos? According to my doctor, that's just crazy talk! ;)

Stephenie said...

My uncle has 8 kids...but they came one at a time. I'm so sad!! I never thought about the show ending when they went to school! I don't know what i'll do. Hopefully the reruns will air for a while and then again when i'm older. Hahaha! I'm such a loser. It just has a calming effect that makes me feel better :)