Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What I've been up to.....

I used to be creative and crafty.....but lately I've felt like I've had not one creative thought in my head and that makes me sad. So within the last two weeks after Reagan came home from the hospital, I haven't been working a whole lot, so I've gotten in touch with my crafty-inner self and I've worked on a few projects I've dying to do!!
*yes, this post probably should've been on my personal blog, but I didn't feel like re-uploading the pictures....sorry.
I messed up the order for the before and after.
This is after. Found this fabric in the remnant rack at Joann's for $2!!! I recovered SIX chairs for $2! Love this fabric!


Made Ryan and Reagan matching damask skirts. Ryan didn't want a picture taken. Ryan's skirt had turquoise ribbon on the bottom of hers.

Chris says all candy corn ever made was made in the 1920's. He hates candy corn, so I made a wreath out of it to remind him of his love for CANDY CORN!!!
I love the Candy Corn Man hanging in the middle. Can't believe I found that. It's Perfect!

My Favorite. I found a tutorial for this pillow and I had been DYING to try it....and I did!!
The petals are made from Black leather. I think it looks great with my New white leather couch and Green walls. L.O.V.E IT!

I'm hoping this is just the beginning! It feels good to get the creative juices flowing again!!


Lisa Love said...

I already knew you were amazing but I didn't know you were THAT amazing! Wowsers you have been a creative little bee. Good for you!

Sabra said...

I love that you are making time for yourself.

Gabriela Hull said...

Love all the projects! Come to my house and craft.
(I can't believe Chris doesn't like candy corn.)

The Farar Family said...

I love them all. You did a really good job. Call me anytime and I will come craft with you!

Carol Godinez said...

Your mom had a creative bunch of girls! They're all beautiful. That fabric is very "treehouse". I love it all!

Tia said...

you go girl get you craft on! Seriously it does feel good to be creative doesn't it and that pillow is awesome! And hello you are beautiful you need to take some pictures now!!

mrs t said...

I LOVE CANDY CORN! And Chad always says the same thing as Chris about candy corn. They must have learned it from you-know-who. I love all of your projects- great job!

PS The comment you left on my craft post made me laugh out loud. Seriously. Very funny.

Becca and fam said...

WOW!!! I love all of those crafts. I REALLY want the pillow, are you selling them?

Chredna said...

I am actually in the process of making a few of them in different colors and patterns to sell! Probably just thru my blog.....but maybe an etsy shop in the future! Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!