Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just funny

Last night, I was debating about what to make for dinner. Feeling a little lazy, since it was a rough day with Reagan being sick, I decided we would order a pizza or get something else.

Me: hey Ryan, what would you like to eat for dinner? I don't really feel like cooking tonight.

Ryan: Oh good! Cause I don't really feel like eating something you cook tonight either.

I was hysterically laughing on the floor......just what I needed. Love you're hilarious!


Gabriela Hull said...

That's funny!

Meagan said...

love it!! ha ha ha!

Lisa Love said...

What a cutie! Is that kind of like when Lizzy asks me not to sing because it hurts her ears?!

Becca and fam said...

LOL!!!!!! She's hilarious!

JasonDebbie said...

Thats so funny! (sounds like something my husband would say j/k). My niece was diagnosed with type 1 when she was 2 1/2, and it didnt take very long before she was used to the shots like she didnt even notice them almost. Now shes 10 and does it all herself. I KNOW what its like to go through medical crap, its hard especially when its a long term thing. It will get easier I promise :)