Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yet another Disney Post

I think the majority of my family posts are about us going to Disneyland! Oh well....we have annual passes and they are about to black out for the whole summer so went the last chance we got. Plus, Disneyland revamped Star Tours and California Adventure opened up the new Little Mermaid ride so we really wanted to go. It was SO BUSY but it was a fun trip.

We got into Disneyland at 8:30 am and went straight to get Fast Passes to Star Tours. We got them....but we couldn't get on until 7:30 PM! and by 9:30 am, all the fast passes were gone. The regular wait was 200 minutes! Insane.

This is when we were waiting for the Little Mermaid ride. The longer we waited, the farther away we got from the ride. But this wait was only about 45 minutes. Not too bad.

Ahh....Captain EO. I promise myself that I will NEVER watch this movie ever again, but here I am once again. It is so awful. But the girls enjoy it (and Chris) so I'll suffer through it.

The Toy Story line was also SO LONG, but one of our favorites. I had the highest score!

The girls love this car, but refuse to ride Mr. Toad's. We did it once and they hated it. It's amazing how creepy these old rides are.

I have no words.

On the Rockets.

Being 7 at Disneyland is awesome.....you get to ride all by yourself!

As busy as it was, it was still really fun and the girls behaved themselves really well.

Til next time....