Tuesday, June 14, 2011

At least they aren't coloring ON the walls.....

Over the past year or so....the girls have been setting up an art gallery in our house. I have never been bothered by it at all. I love to see them being creative and I love that they aren't actually coloring ON the walls, so this is fine for me. I am about to take everything down soon, because I have been redecorating, so I had to get a picture of what's up right now. One day soon, we will be expanding our house and making the girls a bigger bedroom and I want to come up with a way that they can display their art....but until then, I'm going to take these down and store them somewhere safe.

Were you counting? That's 32 "art" pieces.


Linsey F said...

I have seen some cute art display ideas online. I am sure you will think of something fantastic for their room!

Lauren loves her "art" pieces too, but instead of saving every single one like my mother did, I started scanning the pictures (usually just the GOOD ones). Then when I have a enough, I will have them printed in a Blurb book.

Chredna said...