Friday, August 21, 2009

My brain is fried!

Ryan has started school. She started last Monday and I am now finally getting around to posting about it. She is attending Desert View mostly because the all-day Kindergarten they offer sounds very attractive. She is having a great time and can already read three books. Granted it's "I am Cat" I am Dog" "I am hammering" etc.....but I'm proud nonetheless.

Happy to report.....Phoebe is with a family who loves her and cares for her. Ok......I couldn't take the stress anymore. She was great but just too rough with the girls. She knew several commands and was completely potty trained but she was home all day by herself and she would it take out on us by bringing in chunks of grass from our backyard and COVER our living room floor with it. After cleaning, changing diapers, and being on my feet all day.....the last thing I wanted to do was to clean up after a dog. So she has gone to a family that already has 2 boxers and the wife stays home all day and they report they love her and she fits right in. I think she knew when I took this picture that it was to show her to someone else so that we could get rid of her.

The hardest part of my day is when Ryan leaves for school and Reagan has to stay home with me. Apparently, I'm no fun. The first day of school, we all walked Ryan to her class and Reagan searched desperately for a seat to sit down in. So when we left, she was crying. That's the only time I cried a little. But we took Reagan out for breakfast to eat bacon and all was forgotten. I also realized how much I don't know Reagan. Sad, I know, but Reagan has always been "Ryan and Reagan". They play together and have fun together, but now that it's just me and her....She's Hilarious. She TALKS ALL DAY! and makes up the craziest things. So never believe a word she says. But I am happy we get to spend time together even though she's missing Ryan all day.
OK.....that's all I got.


Sabra said...

Enjoy your alone time with number two. It only comes once. Then it's gone forever. I sound old, don't I?

Amber said...

I will be in the same boat come Wednesday. Kindergarten is freaking me out (Cora is fine, but I'm a basket case!). Does she do all day everyday? Cora will go all day 3 times a week. Not sure how I feel about that yet. And alone time with my baby is a lot of work. I never realized how much they keep each other occupied. I am more exhausted with 1 than I was with 2!

Becca and fam said...

How fun for Ryan to be in Kindergarten! How sad about Reagan missing her. That's how it is here. Sam asks everyday, "Where sissy?" When we tell him school he gets upset. It's so sweet to see their love though. I just love those photos Chris took of the girls, they are both so beautiful. You really are doing great Edna!

Walker said...

Hi! I'm Trent's mom, Katie. Trent and Ryan are in Kindergarten together. I was searching for my blog's post about the Tree House and your blog showed up. I started a new site: It would be great for other moms if you posted a comment on the Tree House post letting other know how much you like it.