Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh NO!!!

I was heading home this afternoon from work after a great birthday party with Ryan in the car. It was hot and I was very tired. In the back of my car, I had leftover supplies and drinks from the party. I was driving very carefully and slowly making sure that I didn't spill the drinks or break the fancy glass platters that belonged to Ericka. All was going well, when suddenly the car in front of me slams its breaks at an intersection that's on a downhill slant. I slam my breaks and all I hear are jugs and glass hitting each other. I brace myself, not wanting to look back. but I did, I looked. Ryan began to have tears in her eyes as she looks back as well. I see one of the jugs of juice upside down, treacherously close to the rear a/c vents.

Me: "Ryan, very slowly, pick up the jug please."
Ryan: "ok mom" As she does, the lids pops off and spills about a gallon of pink lemonade onto the floor and my A/C vents.
Me: "Oh NO!!!" Ryan begins to sob.....
Me: " It's Ok Ryan, I'm not mad......we'll clean it's ok.....I'm pulling over...."
Ryan: "It's spilled!!!!" She looks to the back. "Oh NO!!! The other juice spilled too!!" More sobbing.
So now I have total about a gallon and a half of lemonade spilled all over the back of my car.
I continue to assure Ryan that I'm not mad and that it's going to be ok. "Don't worry, we'll get it cleaned up...."
Ryan: "But I'm upset!"
Me: "why?"
Ryan: "Because I was really thirsty!"

I had to laugh.

I got home and now I have completed one thing that was on my to-do list: "Clean my car"
Juice Everywhere! PUDDLES in every nook and cranny. Thank goodness for the SHAM-WOW!
It seriously soaked up the puddles just like in the infomercial. I then called the guy who details my car every time I come back from being out of town. This guy is great! He charges $25 for cars, $35 for Trucks, and $40 for vans. He cleans inside and out and details everything. I ask him how much to detail AND shampoo the back of my car. He said, "I'm gonna bless you with a good deal.....$40." WHAT!?!?! I think normally he charges about $80 for detail and shampoo. SO if anyone needs a detailer, I would love to send some more business his way. So come Monday, I will have a lemon-free car again.

BTW....Ryan is still sad about not getting her drink of lemonade.


Stephenie said...

If the sham-wow was anything like those towels at the Hilton in Anaheim... uhhkay! :)

Sabra said...

Tony is a lifesaver, isn't he?

Bryan said...

Very informative post Edna. First I learned that Sham-Wow worth every penny! Vince can beat up 10 hookers for all I care. I'm still buying after this testimonial. Well, I actually own them but never think to use them. After this story I will! I don't know why I don't use them. I mean, there made by the Germans.

Second I learned it ok to be stuck on a ledge in a car that's about to tip over with Ryan. "Ryan. Slowly move to the back of the car so it doesn't tip into the Grand Canyon."

FarFam said...

That's hilarious....I guess I need to get me a Sham-wow. That guy creeps me out! I have been meaning to call your car cleaner too. Both ours need it BAD!

Ali said...

I think you should call Kyle and tell him this story. He is completely fanscinated by that sham-thing and would love to hear about how it worked so well for you. I think Chris has Tripp's number and besides, who wouldn't love a surprise call from their aunt?

Meagan said...

Ryan is hilarious! Chase and I are true believers with the SHAM WOW! It works wonders!

The McEwen Family said...

Holly cow what a story! I'm glad those show wow's worked I think I'll go buy one! And what a great deal to detail your car!