Monday, December 1, 2008


I recently did a post about Ryan and now I want to do about Reagan.
Reagan, Reagan, Reagan.
1. We worried when Reagan was born because we were unsure if she would be born with a rash on her face like Ryan or worse. But she wasn't. She was born perfect with not a mark on her. It was a huge answer to our prayers.
2. Reagan taught me a huge lesson. She taught me the importance of patience. I always thought Ryan was an easy infant because of something I did.....ha ha. I can honestly say I didn't do anything different and Reagan was tough. She didn't nurse, she didn't sleep, and she had colic. I know it made me a more patient person because I learned to just "go with the flow." And even though it was still hard, I came to realize that no book, no advice is better than to just be patient and enjoy the ride.
3. Reagan wants nothing more than to be your friend. Sounds cheesy, but she loves to try and make Ryan and Riley laugh. Most times it works, but I love to watch them play together and feed off each others silliness.
4. Reagan is not as independent or fearless as Ryan. She clunged onto me a lot more. She cried when I dropped her off at the sitter or preschool everyday! Even at my mom's. I had a hard time getting used to her always by my side. But now that she doesn't do it as often...I miss it...sort of.
5. Reagan loves to eat!! She is the human garbage disposal. She isn't picky and gets upset when we don't give her the bone from our steak to pick it clean. She prefers steak and veggies to sweets. So that's good.
6. Reagan is more of a girly girl than Ryan. She enjoys dressing up in very interesting outfits and changes several times a day. Right now she's wearing a swimsuit that is way to small! She likes to wear her church shoes with everything even to play basketball!
So....that's Reagan. I love her very much and I couldn't imagine life without her!


Gabriela Hull said...

Yay for Reagan! We love you!

Amber said...

She is adorable! Claire seems a bit like Reagan in that she was a fussy baby too. Not colicky, just naughtier than our angel baby Cora. I thought it was something we were doing, so I kept trying to remember how we were with Cora. But you are absolutely right. All those hundreds of books and articles never mention patience. That simply is the key. What a little blessing she seems to be!

PEHNelson said...

We love reagan!

Chredna said...

Reagan! You're AWESOME!!

Becca and fam said...

So sweet Edna!