Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes we went to the Fair

I normally do not go to the Fair. I haven't been in over ten years. I don't like the crowds, rides, and the animals....I know....I'm a blast to hang out with. But now that I have kids, I wanted to take them to see the animals and ride rides. Plus it's way cheaper than going to Disneyland and I think they think it's just as fun. Reagan, though, was not tall enough to ride any of the rides. Even the little Train that goes in circles. She was, however, tall enough to ride the Bumper Boats. Really? She's allowed to sit on a very unstable tube that has a small engine in a pool of 2-3 feet of water???? OK. She had fun.
The petting zoo was free and you could pay two dollars to feed the animals. The girls really enjoyed it. I think they were in there for about half an hour.

This picture above is us looking at the pigs. We've been reading Charlotte's Web to the girls and Ryan was excited to find Wilbur, Charlotte, and Templeton. She said she did find them.
Ryan on the helicopter ride.


Gabriela Hull said...

That's funny about Reagan and the bumper boats....did they even have seatbelts?! It doesn't look that way from the pictures. Looks like the girls loved the animals;). I'm glad you got to go the fair!

T is for Thompson said...

I'm so glad you went to fair. I can totally see the logic in allowing Reagan to ride the bumper boats while not letting her ride the other rides. It totally makes sense, just like everything involved in fair!

Tia said...

i love the fair such good memories!! I want to go to the fair with you!

LaBountys said...

Your girls are so dang cute!! I need to take my kids to the fair. Hope things are going well for your family!