Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Day!

Chris got a new camera thanks to our tax return, so he went a little crazy taking pictures. I think he took around 150, but we got some really good ones. I was excited!
Who are these kids? I'll keep them!

When Chris took this picture above of Ryan she said, "Here's the egg....take the picture." Imagine that with a "here's the freakin' egg....hurry up" kind of tone.
So we had a good easter. We didn't do baskets, mostly because I forgot, but we just had dinner with Chris' parents and they had an egg hunt ready for them. I think we hid the eggs around fives times. Then Ryan had a turn hiding them, with Reagan right behind her picking them up saying "I found an egg!" It was pretty funny.
Hope everyone had a great Easter!


Gabriela Hull said...

Your girls are so cute! Did you make the dresses? Can't wait to see you guys.

Amber said...

Beautiful pictures! Seriously, your girls are stunning!

T is for Thompson said...

I know I said this yesterday but I love those dresses! Too bad the three girls couldn't have been together for Easter.

Sabra said...

Chris took some beautiful pictures. I'm really impressed, and that's hard to do.

Angela said...

Cute pictures! The dresses are beautiful. Of course your girls are adorable too. I can so picture Ryan saying that!! Too funny.