Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

Reagan giving Mickey a Hug!!!!

Ryan is Snow White's House.
We went to Disneyland the last week of January for two days. Chris hates going to Disneyland because we've always gone when it's crazy (like Memorial Day.....don't go!). Last year Ericka and I took the kids the first week of February and it was great! So we decided every year to go at the same time and this year was no different. It is the BEST time to go. California adventure was pretty much empty. We got on Soaring over California without waiting in line. Ryan got on it two times and had a blast! Everyone walked on Tower of Terror two times without waiting. At Disneyland, the longest wait was the new Finding Nemo ride at 20 minutes, but they weren't even handing out fast passes for any rides, because you didnt' need them! 5 minute wait for Space Mountain, Pirares, and Indiana Jones. year....anyone who wants to go, come with us! Last week of January or first week of February.


Tia said...

I remember you telling me this, i love it how great is it to walk on to a ride in Disneyland and with kids your right you can't get any better than that. Hello I wish I could see you more!

Angela said...

Sweet! That sounds like a great time to go. Was it really cold though? I guess if you're not standing around in lines it wouldn't be too bad.