Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ryan's second First Day Of School

We officially pulled Ryan out of Desert View Academy on Monday morning. Desert View was a great school and we loved it for Kindergarten because it was all day. The class sizes were small. No more than about 24 per class. She loved her teacher. It was near the Treehouse. I had always planned that she would attend DVA for kindergarten and then transfer her to Mesquite for 1st Grade, but I didn't. I thought just one more year. I would switch her for 2nd grade.
I feel it's important to attend school with your church friends. Not to make this post about me, but I remember growing up in the spanish branch. We went to a ward that was outside our school boundaries. All of our church friends went to a different school. I had members at my school, but it wasn't the same. Then in Jr. High, we went to Woodard where all of our friends went. Ericka and I LOVED it! It was great. And then the same for High School.
So Ryan. Everyday last year was a struggle to get to school on time. She loves her sleep! I would pick her up (from the top bunk) and get her dressed. She would cry and fight EVERY morning. I dreaded it. And she didn't' stay up late. Her bedtime is 7:30. She just was always a sound sleeper and needs 12 hours every night.....like her daddy. Reagan......doesn't matter what time she falls asleep....6:30am......like her mommy. Ryan also started getting into trouble in class. Notes almost every week, detentions.....blah. I tried to not place the blame anywhere else. If she was not behaving in class, we took it seriously at home. She would write letters apologizing to those she disrupted, including her teacher. She was not allowed to watch TV or play with her DS. Her teacher is very nice and conferences were always positive. "Everyone Loves her", "she's my smartest student", "Straight A's", "just Beautiful work", etc. ....."she just drives me crazy sometimes". Ok. Not really what I want to hear from a teacher. So we kept getting letters from the teacher and we kept struggling to get her to school happily. So it began to make us wonder if we should just switch her. Mesquite is a great school and the schedule would work so much better. So something just clicked on Sunday and we decided we would switch her the next day. Ryan was very excited. We showed up on Monday morning and accepted with Open arms (or open enrollment. Sorry I know this is a sore subject for most, but we do live in the district!) She has made friends and she loves her teacher. I have heard wonderful things about her teacher, and I'm grateful her classmates are kind to her.
So she has had a great second First Day of School.....but i forgot to take pictures.


Lisa Love said...

I love stories like this where a mom did what was right for her child even if it seemed unconventional- like changing schools. If you don't stick up for your child no one will and Ryan is lucky to have you and Chris.

Amber said...

Being one of those "church friends" you refer to, I couldn't agree more. Man we had some good times didn't we? And I'm anxious to hear how her behavior improves because of this choice. Good call mama!

Linsey F said...

I agree. You have to do what is best for your kids. And if it makes everyone's life easier {even the teacher who she "drives crazy sometimes"} then why not do it!?! Hope it all continues to work out!