Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Trip 2009

This past Thanksgiving we took a trip to Rocky Point for an entire week.....and let me tell was NICE! We took the girls with us and it was seriously the most enjoyable, not-at-all stressful week. This is the resort we stayed at. Very nice. People asked us what we did all day and I would respond "we laid around and drank." And we did. We would lay at the palapas all day and order virgin piña coladas and limeades during happy hour. They would bring our food to us. The ocean was a little too cold for me but the girls loved it.

This was the view from our room.

Ryan and Reagan had a great time with their cousin, Grace. It was nice hanging out with Chad and Stacy too! (uurreeaaa) -inside joke.....I still crack up with that one! Good one Chad. cute.

Why was Ryan chasing PELICANS??? Those things are mean and scary!

This guy was at the resort.....we thought he looked like Barack.

I didn't post pics, but Chris' parents came up during the last half of the week and we all had a nice time. Chris and his dad went golfing. We went swimming in the indoor heated pool. We watched Mexican TV....which is Weird....and I'm not talking about Univision. We ate dinner at the restaurant a couple of nights. One night, the theme was Mexican (go figure) and they had a couple dancing traditional Mexican dances. They then asked for volunteers from the audience to go up to....what I thought was to my family volunteered me. It turned out to be a drinking game! I quickly turned down the tequila and went back to my seat.
Now....if it was a virgin Piña Colada.....


Gabriela Hull said...

What if it was a Hawthorne eating contest?!

mrs t said...

Can't believe you turned down an opportunity to enter a drinking contest!! Chad probably would have happily taken part. Remember his not-so-virgin-virign pina colada?

Urea in the house!