Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Preschool Program

Hey all. We're starting a small preschool program at the Treehouse. Only two days a weeks for three hours or four if you want us to feed them lunch. $30/week or $36 with lunch. Tuesdays and Thursday is the Tiny Twigs (ages 2 & 3) Class and Wednesday and Fridays is the Learning Leaves (ages 4 & 5) Class. We hope to start classes the first week of Feb.

Let me know if you're interested!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mom says......

I have a lot to post about. Reagan's birthday, Christmas, Ryan's Soccer game, Ryan's Birthday (which I forgot my camera). Anyway.....lots. But something happened a couple weeks ago that I've meaning to post about.

Growing up my mom had tons of superstitious theories about certain things. They're cultural I know. Chris heard a lot of them when he was on his mission in Veracruz. Examples: Don't go between hot and cold weather so suddenly because "Te vas a torsed" (Direct translation :you will get twisted) which means get achy joints? I think. Also, Don't cut your hair when the moon is getting smaller because you're hair won't grow back. So growing up we would have to wait for every haircut. Don't shower when you have a cold because you'll stay sick. Chris heard, Don't open the fridge first thing in the morning because you'll get sick. Don't eat an avocado and get mad because you'll die. Ericka believes in the "Don't shampoo your carpets barefoot because you'll get a sore throat.

So anyway, we went over to my mom's house and they had a fresh plates of carnitas (shredded pork)! YUMMY! It was around 8:30 pm when we went over and Reagan, of course, begins to sample it and loves it. My mom then says, "kids shouldn't eat pork late at night." I laughed and said why? She says, "I don't know....I just don't like it." Whatever mom. So we all continue to finish the pork, even Ryan and Reagan.
Warning.....graphic content!
Later on that's about 2 am. Reagan comes into my room very quietly but climbs into bed with me. I immediately notice she's wet, but she's being very quiet with an embarrassed look on her face. I go to her room to get her a change of pajamas and as I walk in their room, I smell the strongest smell of pee I have ever smelled. WOW! I go back to my room and begin changing Reagan. I take her pants and underwear off and put a new pair of underwear on and begin to put her pants on....then my hand grabs something.....what is it?........a freakin TERD! I scream, waking Chris up. Then I compose myself and finish cleaning her up and change her sheets and disinfect her mattress and she went back to sleep in her bed.

So....don't let your kids eat pork at night because they will pee and poop their pants.