Monday, September 29, 2008

Edna's Favorite Things.

Hey if Oprah can have a list....why can't I?

1. The Treehouse! Sorry....shameless plug!

2. Dreyer's Real Fruit Strawberry Popsicles. They're my Lays Chips...."once you've had one, you can't stop!" This should be under Chris' least favorite things, because he finds my Popsicle sticks everywhere. Sorry!

3. Oreos with a glass of milk. Does it get any better than that? And to think I use to hate Double stuff. What was I thinking? If it was socially acceptable, I would easily eat a whole package by myself in a day.........hhmmm....I wonder why I'm fat?

4. Going to the Movies. Nothing reminds me more of being married with NO kids than going to the movies. Chris and I would go to Park Mall movie theater every week in Tucson and after the movie we would go to the Gap. we go to Target to buy more pull-ups and apple juice after our movie night.

5. Taking our girls bowling or to the splash park. For a moment I feel like I'm a good mom. It's great to see them enjoying themselves and they think we're the coolest parents for taking them there.

6. Fabuloso. That's Fabulous in Spanish. It's the mexican's Pine Sol. But it smells so much better! I feel like I have a really clean house when I smell it. They came out with a spray bottle version that I clean my counters with....and it's the best. You can find it at Walmart....and probably Del Sol and Food City.

7. One Word.....IKEA.

8. Disneyland! The last time we took the girls last January.....Disneyland became magical again. They had so much fun and Chris even had a great time too. Can't wait til next January to go.

9. DVR!! (TiVo) I will quote another mom on this one....."Zoloft and Tivo has made me a better mom!" If you don't have it....get it!

10. Girl's Night! I'm convinced I have the funniest coolest friends! I look forward to this night all the time......hey girls....I think it's time again!!

11. Walmart. I felt like I was in one of their commercials the other day. I went to walmart and did all my shopping in one place while I got my oil changed. Pretty cool.

12. Ryan will sit quietly at the computer for an hour straight and play games. That's enough time for me to clean my house......or lay on the couch.

13. Sunday Newspaper ads. I just love looking through them.

14. TV. I have my favorite, can't miss shows. Heros, Lost, The Office, House, 30 Rock, and Project Runway.

15. Infomercials. I don't know why.....but I love to watch them......usually its 2 am when I'm watching them.

16. Vacuuming. I do it everyday. It's my favorite chore.

My Least favorite things!

1. LOCAL NEWS!!!! I really think our local new anchors and reporters don't have any idea what they are reporting. I really believe they just read the prompter and go home. I hate when they start to have friendly banter on the just makes me uncomfortable to watch them.

2. City Nicknames. I think "The Big Apple" is the only acceptable one. I hate how Yuma is "The Desert Southwest", Tucson is "The Old Pueblo", and Phoenix is "The Valley." ?!?!? Valley? Where are the mountains? I know there are mountain ranges around them.....but I can't see them. Wouldn't that make everyone in a valley?

3. Yuma Commercials. Especially the ones with jingles. I believe yuma is Single handedly keeping those people in business. Why does everyone feel the need to add some cheesy song to their commercial? Next year for Yuma Idol, I'm singing a medley of Yuma jingles.

4. Bad drivers. I don't know why driving 25 miles an hour in a 45 is ok.

5. one. Words that are changed to sound like another "Sale-a-bration", "Spook-tacular", "frog-get-about-it"(complete with stuffed frog saying it), and the ultimate, "Fun-citement!" Holy cow. Seriously? These words do the opposite for me......I do not get excited......I get furious!

I'm sure that once I post this.....I'll think of way more. and unlike Oprahs favorite things.....I have no free stuff to give. Thanks for letting me vent though!!!


Gabriela Hull said...

Edna! I'm laughing out loud especially the part about going to Target for pullups and apple juice! You made my day.

Tia said...

Hey I want to be part of your funniest coolest friends

Carolina said...

Ya, me too!

FarFam said...

I agree with everything...I guess I need to get me a bottle of fabuloso! I need a girls night too...and I am sure you need a break!

Amber said...

We share many favorite (and hated) things! I was just complaining about stupid plays on words when I was in the grocery store and passed a sign advertising an Egg-stravaganza (ridiculous egg promo!).

Becca and fam said...

love your list Edna! How's the Treehouse going?