Monday, June 9, 2008

Thank Goodness for Health Insurance!!!

I just wanted to document every time we've had to take the girls to Urgent Care, because I think we're starting to become regulars.
Ryan: 11 months old. Ear infection with vomiting. They gave an antibiotic that made throw up within one that was useless...and it was around Christmas. That was the Christmas that everyone got the stomach flu. EEEWWW.
1 1/2 year old. Another Stomach flu. They gave her a suppository that helped her a lot.
3 Years old. Worst one yet. I just dropped Ryan and Reagan off at the babysitters and as I drove away...I could feel it. I remember telling myself "Ryan's going to get hurt today." So when I was parking at work, I get the call. Come pick up Ryan because we're sure she'll need stitches on her finger. Ok. Picked her up. She smashed her finger on an iron security door. Half her pointer finger was flapped open. I instantly felt sick. We went to Urgent Care. Three stitches and a broken finger tip later....we left. The incident alone sent us back for three more visits for re-wrapping, stitch removal, and a follow up.
4 1/2. I wrapped Ryan up after her bath with a towel and threw her on my I always do. But this time....I aimed horribly and she twisted in the air. Result? Direct hit on my headboard right on her eyebrow bone. Instant gash. Chris right away said we had to take her to urgent care to get more stitches. I stayed calm and said, "Call Greg Titensor....he's got glue!!" We got a hold of him quickly and he did in fact have Dermabond. Glue! I think he carries it with him to all church functions because a little kid always get hurt. So he glued her up and she's fine. Saved a $30 co-pay!
I think that's it for Ryan.
Reagan: Not very often. Almost 2. She had a double ear infection. They also gave her the antibiotic they gave Ryan, and sure enough at exactly one hour and fifteen minutes....Reagan threw it up. I was taking her to her regular doctor every two weeks during March and April because she kept getting ear infections and the doctor had to keep cleaning our the earwax out of her ear. But Reagan rarely gets sick. Mostly running noses and a cough.
But that all changed on Sunday. We're ready to head to church and the girls were playing with Chris on the bed. They were laughing, having a good time. She laughs and bends over fast and hard and BAM!!! Cuts her gum right above her front tooth. Blood was dripping down her chin....I thought she was going to lose her tooth. So we pack up and head to urgent care. I just kept thinking that the sooner you tend to "teeth" issues, the better chance of saving the tooth. We waited in a sick, gross, crowded waiting room for about 40 minutes and then decided to leave. Chris and I started to feel like we were taking on the symptoms of the other people in there. We left and went to the Stake Center, because we knew at least three Dentists there. Dr. Harris looked at her and said she would be fine. He can't guarantee that her tooth wasn't' damaged but he thought she would be ok.
OK. That's it. and People always tell me, "It won't be the last visit to Urgent Care."
I need a summer break at least!


Bryan said...

I see a theme here. Wrestling on the bed? Is that what you call it. Look, it's ok. We all get frustrated with the kids. It happens. Here is a little tip for you guys. Instead of throwing the kids when you get angry try using a sock with an orange in it. I find it does the trick with no bruises and less trips to urgent care. Plus once your done you can say sorry over a glass of orange juice!

Rose said...

WOW that is a lot of Urgent care visits! Would you believe (knock on wood) I have never taken any of my three kids to urgent care or the ER! I'm sure we will be there tonight just because I said that.

You were right, my parents just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! I can't believe I didn't remember you & Ericka have the same b-day as their anniv?! You would think I would remember something like that. Progressively my brain is turning to mush!

Chredna said...


Angela said...

Glad we could be of service! You were lucky to find Greg, I don't see him that often myself! And yes, we have several vials of Dermabond waiting for those urgent calls...

Amber said...

We have also never been to the ER for our girls. Not sure how because they are wild and frequently leap off play sets, tables and tall ladders. I'm sure, as they grow, we will make a visit or two. But I am grateful we have put it off this long. Crazy how many trips you have taken! And ER waiting rooms freak me out too. I always think I am going to contract the plague or the bird flu from the person sitting next to me. Gross!!

leinbachfamily said...

Holy crap Edna that is a lot of visits. you are always so calm when we are together. I'm calling you next time my kids get hurt cuz you will probably know what to do! Hope we have news soon.

Mrs T said...

This post made me laugh because I feel like I am totally the opposite. I HATE wasting time at the doctor's office and I HATE paying for it. I always make Grace suck it up and stick it out. I'm a mean, mean person.